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A note if you are under age 65 and on Medicare due to disability in the state of Texas. The plans represented in this guide are for people on Medicare who are 65 and older. Please contact us to discuss your available plan options. 

Medicare Supplements

Made Simple - 2019

A Guide To Navigating Your Options, Finding Your Best Plan, And Saving Money

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Because Medicare Supplement policies are regulated by Medicare, they have certain standard features. By having a basis understanding of how all Standard Medicare Supplements (Medigap) work, it will make it easier to choose your best option. Here are 7 important things you need to know about Medicare Supplements.

  1. Medicare Supplement and Medigap mean the same thing.

  2. Each plan is represented by a letter, which means certain benefits.  The benefits and coverage that come with a letter plan are the same at each insurance provider that offers it. 

  3. Although the benefits for any particular Medicare Supplement are the same at each company, the premium they charge may differ.  

  4. When you have a Medicare Supplement policy it is secondary to Medicare A & B.  Medicare determines what is covered and pays first, your Medicare Supplement plan pays second and covers whatever Medicare covers. 

  5. You can see any doctor or medical provider that accepts Medicare as your primary insurance.  Standard Medicare Supplement plans do not have doctor networks that you must stay in.

  6. Once you have a Medicare Supplement policy it is guaranteed to renew each year as long as you pay your premium.  Your policy can never be canceled based on your age, health, or claims history.

  7. The premium you pay for your plan is never based on your individual health or claims history.

There are 11 lettered Medicare Supplement plans listed by Medicare.  This can be confusing because only 3 or 4 are typically purchased. The reasons for this are; 1. Many of the plans that are listed are older and no longer available. 2. The most popular plans usually offer the best combination of benefits and monthly premiums.  

As we have said before, Medicare Supplement plans help you cover out of pocket costs under parts A & B.  These are the deductibles, copays, and coinsurance that you would normally have to pay when receiving care. 


The Medicare Supplement Comparison Chart below;


  1. Lists the most common out of pocket costs with parts A and B.       

  2. The      represents whether the particular supplemental plan covers that cost for you.  

  3. Summarizes other important information about the plan such as; Your annual out of pocket maximum, sample monthly cost, and who the plan is best for.


Top Medicare Supplement Plan

Smart Comparison Grid


Sample Monthly Premiums:

Age 65 - 69


Age 70 - 74


Age 75 - 79

Plan G

High F

Based on non tobacco average rates for men and women in Texas with a major insurance carrier. Actual rates vary, call us for your custom rate. 



Costs are covered after your annual deductible. See plan description.

Those who want the most coverage available & willing to pay a higher premium. Also for those who aren't eligible for another plan like G or N. Plan F covers all deductibles and co-insurance so you have $0 liability.

Those who want the most coverage & a value rate. Plan G has a lower cost than Plan F and covers everything but the annual Part B deductible. This leaves you only with $185 max out of pocket in 2019. 

Those who want a low rate plan that covers the larger possible out of pocket costs. Willing to take on some additional copays and other out of pocket costs like;Part B deductible, $20 doctor, $50 ER, & "excess charges."

Those who want the lowest monthly premium and can take on a higher cap in annual medical costs. You must cover all Medicare deductibles and coinsurance until you meet the annual deductible ($2,300 in 2019). Plan covers 100% after.



This Plan Is Best For:

More Coverage

Less Coverage

Part A Hospital Deductible    

Part A Hospital Copays  

Part A Reserve Days

Part A Skilled Nursing Copays

Part A Hospice Care

Part B Deductible

Part B 20% Coinsurance

Part B Excess Charges

Limited Worldwide Emergency    

Covered Medicare Costs

Annual Medical Out Of Pocket:            (The annaul maximum you are       responsible for as a patient) 

$0 deductible, $0 copays, $0 out of pocket

$185 deductible

 $0 copays or co-insurance after

 $185 deductible

 $20 doctor copay

 $50 ER copay

Plan F

Plan N










  • Medicare Supplement plans provide coverage for Medicare A & B covered services only.

  • Medicare Supplement premiums are in addition to your premium for Medicare Part B.

  • Coverage and rates are not guaranteed and are subject to eligibility and underwriting approval at the time of the application.

  • This chart summarizes Medicare Supplement benefits for educational purposes. Please refer to the full outline of coverage or your insurance policy for detailed coverage information.

  • Part B Excess Charges are when a doctor bills over Medicare's schedule of fees for service. Your agent can provide you with more details.


Top Medicare Supplement Plan Descriptions

Plan F

Until recent years, Plan F has traditionally been the most popular Medicare Supplement. Plan F provides the most coverage by paying 100% of deductibles and co-insurance under parts A & B. When you have a Plan F policy, you have zero out of pocket expenses as a patient for services covered under Medicare A & B.  

Plan F Outline of Covg image.png

Click image to download, save, print Plan F outline of coverage.  

Plan G

Currently the most popular Medicare Supplement Plan available. Plan G gives you the best of both worlds; A simple plan with low annual out of pocket and a more reasonable monthly premium than Plan F.  Plan G Covers all gaps in Medicare except the annual Part B deductible. So, if you have a Plan G policy, the Part B deductible is the only medical cost you are liable for. The Medicare Part B deductible is currently $185 in 2019.  

Plan F Outline of Covg image.png

Click image to download, save, print Plan G outline of coverage.  

Plan N

Plan N is the best low premium Medicare Supplement. Plan N coverage is similar to Plan G except you are taking on a couple more out of pocket costs. Plan N covers all gaps in Medicare except the following;

  • The annual Medicare Part B deductible, which is $185 in 2019.

  • In addition to the deductible, you pay a $20 copay for doctors office visits and a $50 copay for the emergency room (if admitted to hospital, no copay).

  • Plan N does not cover "Part B Excess Charges." This is in the uncommon situation that a doctor bills over Medicare's acceptable fee schedule. Ask us for more details.

If you have a Plan N policy, the list above is what you can expect to pay out of pocket for medical care.

Plan N covers the major stuff, such as hospital deductibles, copays, and the Part B 20% co-insurance.

Plan F Outline of Covg image.png

Click image to download, save, print Plan N outline of coverage.  

High Deductible Plan F

High Deductible Plan F is the lowest monthly premium Medicare Supplement. It provides the same coverage as regular Plan F, except after you meet the annual plan deductible. If you are covered by a High Deductible F policy you must cover all deductibles and co-insurance under Medicare A & B until you reach the annual policy deductible, which is $2,300 in 2019. After you reach this deductible, High Deductible Plan F covers 100% of deductibles and co-insurance under parts A & B for the remainder of the calendar year. The deductible resets and may change each calendar year.

Plan F Outline of Covg image.png

Click image to download, save, print High Plan F outline of coverage.  

3 Tips To Save $ Hundreds Per Year On Your Medicare Supplement Plan

As an independent insurance agency and your advisors for Medicare Supplements (Medigap), these are just 3 of the ways we help you get your best value coverage.

1. Find Your Sweet Spot

Many make the mistake of just picking a plan without doing the research. This could be off the recommendation of a friend, family member, or the advice from an agent looking to make the most commission. Fully understanding your options will help you pick a plan that's just right for you. In this case you are not under insured or over insured. For example; Traditionally many people just go with Plan F when Plan G or N are more suitable. Taking the time to understand the plans better and working with a good agency will help you find your coverage "sweet spot." and therefore eliminate wasteful spending.

2. Compare Quality Providers

Each Medicare Supplement plan represented by a letter provides the same coverage at each insurance provider that offers it. What you pay for the plan, however, can differ from provider to provider. Insurance providers can differ in many ways for how they price their Medicare Supplement policies. For example; Company A may have higher rates in a particular zip code than Company B. Or, Company A may charge a higher rate for a smoker and Company B doesn't. These are just a couple examples of the things that can factor into your rate. This is why it is good to compare several quality insurers. You may come to find that there is not much of a difference in rates and you just go with your favorite insurer. But, you may find that one insurance provider in particular can offer you a significantly better rate. In either case, you've done your diligence and can feel better about your choices.

3. Take Advantage Of Discounts

Many Medicare Supplement insurers can offer savings on your premium in the form of "household discounts." This is when a couple is signing up for a plan with the same insurance provider. The qualification standard do vary from insurer to insurer. Some insurance providers are more loose on their qualifying standards. In these cases, you only need to have a spouse or domestic partner that has lived with you for at least 12 months. Your spouse or domestic partner doesn't necessarily need to sign up for a plan along with you. Household discounts can range anywhere from 5% - 12%, depending on the insurance provider. These discounts can really add up and help you save money on your plan premium.


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